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i wanted to make the fandom sad and throw my headcanons for how squips work into the void of the bmc tag. this info / headcanon(s) is entirely book-based. and if you want to look more into quantum computers and quantum theory, please watch these videos, i consulted them closely for some of these slides!
this is Michelle Simmons at Tedx Sidney, and her talk is very much ‘predictive’ or at least explanatory of the possible existence of something like a squip; a really tiny supercomputer! she talks more about math and the logistics of constructing a quantum computer in this video.
this is Dominic Walliman and he does a good job in this video / talk of breaking down quantum theory and the basics of quantum stuff for ‘7 year olds’ aka teenagers on the internet who kinda want to know a little more about Stuff™ in this universe.
and this is a really cool youtube video about quantum stuff with really wonderful illustrations, a knowledgeable narrator, and relaxing music to go along with it.

Trillions of dollars on the move?

Debunking every climate argument with geologist Tony Heller.

Clinton whistle blower: FEDS probe Adam Schiff dressed like Egyptian at bizarre “sacrifice” parties at Ed Buck’s meth mansion: undefined


The Diana tapes.

Imagine what she must have seen, with Jimmy Savile and Jeffery Epstein in mind.

Where is Ghislaine Maxwell?

Where is she?

Investigation: Clorox Selling Pool Salt Made From Fracking Wastewater:

Also, search the term water in my blog search box, it will turn up other chlorox bleach related shenanigans that company has been up to.

Food Being Contaminated to Promote Vaccinations?: undefined