kounttrapula: I won’t try to convince you here that my views…


I won’t try to convince you here that my views are right, this is just something to think about for a bit.

Public schools had 15 thousand hours to convince us that government is good, necessary and that it makes us safe and ensures prosperity.

That is a heck of a head start, 15,000 hours.

They had us when we were young and impressionable, so the lessons learned at that time seem pure and basic in a sense; however when I look around I see people who shut down when I try to talk about the edges of what they feel is “allowed” to be discussed. I see people safeguarding their emotions beyond what’s reasonable, beyond facts themselves.

But at the same time, most will admit our world is jam packed with BS, liars, marketing jazz, and control freaks; that things are essentially fake, reality has an illusory nature to it. If life has become an endless series of sarcastic jokes and pop references, a competition to see who can care the least, it seems we’ve made a collective misstep. Could this be the cause of emptiness and existential malaise?

So what are my views, the ones I don’t expect anyone to accept right now?

Government is not our friend. Government injects every situation with the threat of violence. Government doesn’t serve to protect the public from corporations and the rich, they enable them. Politicians have never been moral or well-intentioned, that was just what their historians said. Please don’t disagree automatically. I know, the urge to reject “nonsense” was implanted a long time ago. You don’t need to believe or reject, just hold the possiblity in your mind and listen to your inner judgement.

Take your time. Just don’t take 15 thousand hours.