I got to see Wonder Woman (2017) with my sisters today…

And let me tell you I will NEVER be able to look at Professor Lupin the same way again!

It’s remarkable that it strikes all the same chords as the other DC movies I’ve seen (which, in my opinion, consistently try to prove that the villain is right and the hero is wrong) but somehow it feels less cringe worthy coming from a character with an idealistic POV rather than a cynical POV.

I’ve heard people compare this film to Captain America, and I’d say referring to Wonder Woman as “The Captain America of the DC Universe” is a pretty fair assessment, generally speaking. I do slightly prefer this film over Captain America: The First Avenger in that it manages to feel genuinely like a war story, while simultaneously being a superhero origin story. (Which was an aspect of the first Captain America film I felt they kind of glossed over)

That being said, I do not think this movie redeems the DC franchise as a whole for the general viewer. I do feel, however, that as an individual movie it will appeal to fans of the DC films as well as general moviegoers.