deprogrammingthelattice:“ Toxic fluoride poison is good for…


Toxic fluoride poison is good for your teeth

Toxic vaccines are good for your immunity

Genetically modified foods that cause cancer will feed the world

Medications that make you more sick, will make you healthy

Your car needs all its’ parts but you’ll run better if a surgeon removes some of yours

Slavery is freedom

Cancer causing cell phones are good to carry with you all day

War is peace

Taxation isn’t theft

Repeating the lies of known liars means you’re smart

Children don’t remember or even feel circumcision

Pesticides that kill bugs won’t affect you when applied to your food

Mercury is toxic but magically becomes healthy if it’s in your teeth fillings or vaccinations

Pooping and peeing into the water you drink is perfectly sane

Poisoning the animals and food you eat won’t affect your health

It’s OK to work immoral and unethical jobs if it pays the bills

“  Jason Christoff