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“HDPE : The Only Safe Plastic For Drinking Water

“It took me about six years of research to discover that there is only
one safe tank made of plastic you can stick drinking water in and it is
high density polyethylene. This is the same stuff your milk carton is
made of.

The only gotcha is that it should be properly
“offgassed” when brand new by thoroughly washing it out with a mild
disinfectant and allowed to dry out internally in the sun for no more
than 48 hours. This cooks off the fresh plastic smell and outgases it
has when it is first minted at the factory.“


My research and personal experience also leads me to this conclusion. Forturnately not all plastics are unsafe!  HDPE is inert, and does not seep at all, at least not detectable with technology that is accurate to the parts per quadrillion level *.  This doesn’t mean they don’t need to outgas, allow for impurities to get drawn out by letting it sit in water (depends on what it was recycled out of), and get washed. Some HDPE containers need a quick rinse and they are clean, tasteless, odorless and ready to use immediately, some are more difficult depending on what the material was in direct contact with.  Also Plastic number 5, or PP for polypropylene is inert when hardened by boiling for 30 minutes**.  If it melts or bends out of shape it was not PP.   


**Prevention of All Cancers