So many people are waking up to the truth about Hitler and WW2…

So many people are waking up to the truth about Hitler and WW2 – it is spreading quickly – I want to help spread the truth about Hitler as well. Hitler was not the man you think he was – I have researched Hitler and WW2 extensively, Hitler wasn’t even racist and had respect for other races and cultures – I can show you evidence. The German National Socialists Workers Party were not like they have been portrayed.

(Nazis? – they never called themselves Nazis, that name is propagated by the Zionists to make them sound evil)

Hitler fought the Zionist New World Order and the Zionist Bankers. This short video is a good introduction for people to get a little bit of Hitler Truth. He fought the people that are causing all the problems in the world today – the Freemasonic Zionists and Zionist Bankers – that some call the Illuminati. The Allied forces, who were Zionist controlled, actually declared war on Hitler and Germany – do your research! Hitler wanted peace, and tried hard for peace. They Allies did not want it though and declared war on him because of how he transformed his country and nationalized Germans currency and got rid of the Jewish Zionist bankers from the country to do it – they had no control over the country anymore – and so they declared war and destroyed Germany and Hitler. You have been told so many lies about Hitler, Germany, WW2 and the ‘Holocaust’. The ‘concentration camps’ were ‘work camp’s – I can show so much evidence that no one was gassed to death in these camps. I will post lots about this: longer videos, articles, quotes etc – although most wont be able to handle the truth. The programming and Zionist propaganda has been extensive regarding Hitler, WW2 and the so called ‘Holocaust’. Remember, who writes the history books? The victors do. And who won the war? The Zionists. Lots more I could say on this subject… must stop… so much for a short blurb about the video!