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Are you eating cancer-causing chemical C8 in your favorite non-stick cookware? 

“The perfluorinated chemical (PFCs), isn’t only used the non-stick Teflon but other synthetic fibers such as clothing, mattresses, car exterior, hats, athletic clothing and even eye glasses. Chemical C8 is added in higher volumes to clothes since it makes them more durable and wrinkle free. As a matter of fact, most clothing labeled as “no-iron” contains chemical C8. 

…research studies have found toxic chemical C8 contaminates your food and can result in high blood pressure in pregnant women, immune system disorder, thyroid, liver problems and higher cholesterol rate, even in children. As a matter of fact, the researchers have discovered that high blood pressure epidemic (as a result of chemical C8 in non-stick products) is usually combined with protein leakage into urine that can cause pre-eclampsia which threatens the health and life of both mother and the baby. “