Temple Mount Takeover Video – Jerusalem Prophe…

Temple Mount Takeover Video – Jerusalem Prophecy – Zionism – Israel 

You are not truly awake if you do not understand that the Zionist Jews are the driving force behind this move for a ‘New World Order’ or ‘One World Government’. It is all related to the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem and the Temple Mount Takeover. Solomon’s Temple is related to ritual sacrifice, sacrificial worship and the coming of the ‘anti-Christ’ – amongst other things.

If you are thinking ‘If this is so critical to understanding why the world is as it is – why haven’t I heard about it before?’ – well, The Zionist Jews own all of the media and Hollywood – they are in control of it all and do all they can to distract and misinform you.

If you haven’t worked out that it isn’t the ‘Illuminati’ but the Zionist Jews causing all the problems in the world then, again, you are not truly awake yet. More things you need to realise: That the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are real and explain exactly why the world is the way it is – That Freemasonry is a Jewish establishment and is being used by the Zionist Jews to try and make these prophecies come true, so that the Zionist Jews can rule the world from Jerusalem and Solomon’s Temple – That the Zionist Jews are Satanic and worship Lucifer – That all these wars in the Middle East and the destabilization of the whole area is all related to Zionism and Israel – That large numbers of Palestinians are being murdered and maimed by Israel – That Israel has broken so many International laws with it’s occupation of Palestine – That a great many UN resolutions have been violated by Israel with no consequences! – That Israel and Zionist Jews control American Foreign Policy – That the Zionist owned Debt Slave Financial System (Zionist Central Banks based on Usury) is the Zionists power-base – That Donald Trump is a Zionist Puppet… and If you don’t think understanding all this information is extremely important then you are not truly awake yet.

This video above is a good overview of the Temple Mount Takeover.

Introduction to this video:

“Today I wanted to talk about the events that are unfolding in Jerusalem and how it correlates with ancient prophecies, involving the implementation of a one world government (New World Order) and the coming of the anti-christ spoken of in the book of revelations… I just wanted to say that it doesn’t matter if you are religious or not, because it does not change the fact that there is a group of people (Zionist Jews) working together towards ruling the world from Jerusalem under a one world government – now if that seems like a bit of  mouthful I ask that you watch this video until the end.”

A few quotes about the Rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple:

“Freemasonry, a type of secret society founded on the esoteric principles of Kabbalistic Judaism, evolved out of the system of trade-guilds that had existed in Europe for centuries. While there were actual guilds for real stone-cutters and masons, Freemasonry had little to do with actual stone-cutting or mason-work. Instead, the Jews who organized the fraternity known as Freemasonry adopted the symbolism of stone-masons as a subtle hint at their true purpose – rebuilding the Temple in Jerusalem, in other words Zionism…. they hope to eventually rebuild their Temple as King Solomon had originally built it, and rule the world as “God’s chosen people” – an aristocracy of Jews ruling over gentile peasant serfs (Non-Jews).”

– Dontell Jackson

“What is strange and worrying about this phenomenon [rebuilding the temple of Solomon in Jerusalem] is not just the fact that these people [Zionist Jews], who see themselves as carrying the banner of the renewal of Judaism in our times, think in totally idolatrous terms. After all, the Temple they are longing for embodies all that is linked in our consciousness to shocking and vicious brutality, such as golden altars, bellowing calves being slaughtered “in the name of God,” and rivers of blood filling the halls. The fact that they dare to believe that this is Judaism and these are God’s commandments is no less worrying. After turning Zionism into a movement of heartless thieves with no conscience for the past 40 years, they now want to impose dangerous nonsense on the spirit of Judaism of our times, of the type that led to the destruction of our people 2,000 years ago.”


“On top of all freemasonry lodges in the World is the pure Jewish lodge B‘nai Brith, Sons of the Pact. All Masonic brethren throughout the world participate in the rebuilding of Solomon’s temple, which symbolizes the Jewish secular world domination. Jewish Messianic Thought = ‘The Jews are the «chosen people» who will rule the world’.”