Golberg 550 Type True Kevlar Paracord – Toughe…

Golberg 550 Type True Kevlar Paracord – Toughest Military Grade Paracord – Better Than Paramax – 1250LB Test Rating – 7 Strand Core MADE IN USA – 50ft, 100ft, 150ft Options – Multiple Colors



Golberg is proud to introduce KEVLAR Paracord. This Rope is a “better than Paracord” option for when you need something that has to stand up to a TOUGH task. Type III 7-strand Kevlar Parachute Rope is super strong and heat resistant meaning it will stand up to the weather, pully usage, wenching, your toughest tie-downs, and more.

It has a tested tensile strength rating of 1250 LBS!…

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