This is a short red pill video about the Jew W…

This is a short red pill video about the Jew World Order, which is regularly banned and censored by YouTube (jewish owned and run YouTube) but I found a reupload. It’s an older video… this guy was very woke, way before most.

The guy expresses in a poem some information about historical events, and who was behind them… events that are covered up and lied about by those who control the media:

African Slave Trade
Christopher Columbus / the Americas 
The Slaughter of the Incas
The Armenian Genocide
The Bolshevik Revolution
Holodomor – Ukrainian Genocide
U.S.S Liberty attack
9 11 attack – the fictitious war on terror

The guy ends the video with this quote:

“Better to stand alone with Truth, than in the company of lies.”

I can imagine back then he did feel like he was standing alone – there are a great many more people who are awake to all this now though.