Tasslehoff is sort of worming his way into my heart.

Like, yeah, he’s sort of annoying and doesn’t really do anything other than magically produce maps and is sort of blatantly the self-insert character for the DnD fans, but he’s also the only one not getting wrapped up in this whole ‘epic quest’ business.

idk, it’s just, he does stuff like the first time they run into Draconians and Sturm’s sword get’s stuck in one and everyone is desperately trying to run away because holy shit-fuck what are these things, Tas is the one that goes back to get the sword. Or when Flint loses his helmet in the swamp and spends the next few chapters stealing helmets from their enemies trying to find one that fits, the first thing Tas does when they’re in an area that used to be populated by dwarves is find Flint a helmet. And, like, those are both silly little things, but they’re silly little things that are wildly important to those characters, because don’t try to tell me that Sturm wouldn’t have self destructed if he had lost his father’s sword. Everyone else is so caught up in ancient gods and the end of the world, and Tas is still focusing on, like, I can’t even words about this, it just really gets to me.

Also, it’s kind of nice that whenever everyone is completely frozen in fear, which has happened like three times so far, Tas is in the background going ‘woah, a dragon! dragons are awesome!’