Justice for Brian Aberle

QUOTE: Benjamin Fullford update:

My name is Brian Aberle.  I am a chemist and plant medicine
researcher.  I have professional experience in oncology with Siemens
Medical and management-level experience in health care systems at Kaiser
Permanente.  I research natural plant medicines that are alternatives
to pharmaceutical anti-depressants.
 I publish a website about my work:


I also research plant medicine to cure neurodegenerative diseases
like Alzheimer’s, which are generally treated with a class of medicine
called Acetyl-Cholinesterase-Inhibitors (or AChI’s).  I published a
Ph.D. level thesis outline titled “Neurodegenerative disease cure 2018”
at ResearchGate.net where I publicly answer chemistry questions about my
work.  I have posted answers about how to properly neutralize caustic
mixtures for environmentally safe disposal, as well as more advanced
questions about how to isolate individual alkaloids such as harmaline
found in Syrian Rue.

Shortly after I relocated to Ashe County [North Carolina], deputies
of the Ashe County Sheriff’s Office illegally searched my home and found
marijuana.  Most of what they illegally seized had been decarboxylated,
which makes it orally active and has been found to be the most
effective form for cancer treatment or use as an AChI medicine.  
Although it was discovered illegally, and their illegal case against me
weak, I was placed on probation for possessing it.

I was assigned to a probation officer named Timothy Moretz.  When I
introduced myself to Officer Moretz, I explained to him my work in
chemistry and how I research the effects of plant medicines on
neurotransmitter levels in the brain—how anti-depressants such as
SSRI’s, SNRI’s, and MAOI’s work by raising serotonin and DMT levels,
which exist naturally, or endogenously, in the human brain.  And that
some plants such as Yopo contain both serotonin and DMT.  Timothy’s
response to me was that “the world is overpopulated” and that
“advancements in healthcare and medicine are to blame.”

After being on probation for about a month, my home was once again
illegally raided and illegally searched.  On June 21, 2018, Timothy
Moretz overstepped the law and, with nine other officers, came into my
home unannounced and for two hours illegally searched my house.  One of
the officers produced a small amount of mushrooms from within my
freezer.  Officer Moretz presumed them to be hallucinogenic, whereupon
he arrested me and had me charged with a felony.  For these fraudulent
charges, the Ashe County District Court set my bond at $50,000.

I was then thrown into an isolation cell at the Ashe County Detention
Center, and for 41 days I was deprived of phone access as well as the
communication kiosk during my weekly trip to the shower.

Once Timothy Moretz had me falsely imprisoned, he returned to my home
that very evening to trespass onto my property and continue his
unlawful ransack of my papers, plants, my laboratory—my entire home.

Within a few days, state labs confirmed that the previously and
illegally seized mushrooms were NOT hallucinogenic, but long before I
would get out of involuntary solitary confinement—let alone released
from these baseless charges—Timothy Moretz got a search warrant,
absurdly based based on a statement I made to him about plants and urine
containing DMT.  He returned ten days later with his absurd search
warrant, and as Michael Sheron from the North Carolina State Bureau of
Investigation described it, a “fiasco” ensued.

Upon the execution of Timothy Moretz’s search warrant on June 26, no
shortage of emergency services were summoned:  What Timothy presumed to
be an explosive device turned out to be just an oil lamp and an incense
burner—as confirmed by the bomb squad, who were there after being
dispatched to respond to Moretz’s emergency situation.  Both fire
departments from the city of Todd and Fleetwood were there, as well as
the Ashe County Rescue Squad:  Timothy also presumed that my chemistry
equipment was a meth lab, but when the NC Health Department got there to
dismantle his meth lab, they could find none.  Andrew Blethen of the
Department of Health stated that “under current decontamination laws,
the local health department can only enforce cleanup of meth labs.”  And
so the state did not (any further) dismantle my lab—thank God.  NCBIS
was also on scene.

I had in my inventory many different legally-obtained plants, seeds,
tree resins, chemicals, and equipment used for the making of medicine
crucial to my research.  In total, 138 items were confiscated and
destroyed.  For all of the Sheriff’s Office’s destruction, they claim to
have found LESS than 1/10th of a gram of DMT with serotonin in it.

After Timothy’s fiasco on the 26th, and while I was still in
isolation, he then had me falsely charged with three Class A felonies,
this time for allegedly manufacturing and selling DMT—charges even more
ridiculous than the first.  However, because Timothy had upped the ante
with felony charges, my bond was then raised from the initial $50,000 to

On August 23, 2018, WSOCTV.com reported on the evening news that the
Ashe county Sheriff’s Office has been charged with “False Arrests” and
“Malicious Prosecution,” amid other charges of misconduct, including
forcing deputies to lie in statements.  I can personally testify that
these allegations are only the beginning of the corruption within the
Sheriff’s Office.

Please share this injustice with other medicine research groups or
Internet groups concerned with human advancement, or truth and liberty.
The criminality going on in the Ashe County Sheriff’s Office must be

Thank you for reading, and God bless.  Call the District Attorney and ask about my case.

Again, the blog page with full links is at:


Rue contains an array of alkaloids that have been proven as
antibacterial, antiviral, and antiparasitic, as well as antimutagenic
and antigenotoxic.  Syrian Rue is proven both by modern medicine and
ancient medicine as a miracle healing plant.  Serapio of Rome calls it
‘the ultimate medicine against the evil of poisons’ and Greek
Dioscorides says Syrian Rue not only antidotes reptile poisons but all
deadly poisons, including poison mushrooms, scorpions, spiders, and

smoke from Syrian Rue seed skins is an aromatic incense that is smooth
and pleasant to inhale producing a subtle calming and sense of
well-being after a few breaths.  The inhaled route of administration is
best for immediate results and to bypass any incompatible foods in the
digestive track.

effect from eating Syrian Rue lasts much longer than inhaling it and
eating it is often ideal or necessary to accomplish some of the manifold
services of this medicine, however eating it comes with dietary rules.
I prefer the term guidelines because rules tend to become overly
adhered to or enforced.

Syrian Rue is also an anti-depressant.  Medically, it is understood that Syrian Rue is temporarily binding to an enzyme(MAO) that would otherwise be destroying your natural serotonin.  In 1952 it was discovered that C9H13N3O causes inappropriate happiness by rendering that same enzyme permanently disabled.
This fact fore-fathered the anti-depressant term and trend.  Through
much anti-depressant pioneering, other substances(MAO Inhibitors,MAOI’s)
were soon found that permanently cripple the MAO
enzyme – leading to many serious and fatal cases of metabolism failure
if that enzyme should be needed.  Syrian Rue relinquishes all enzymes
over time and for some poison syrian rue is displaced immediately to
destroy the poison.  Irreversible MAOI’s kill the enzyme so that only
when your own body synthesizes a new one (synthesis at a rate written at
a known location in human DNA) only then can the toxin be metabolized.
The newer inventions SSRI’s and SNRI’s are less effective and less
dangerous, leaving physicians to prescribe an MAOI only as last resort.