Literary facts:

  • The premise of the second part of Don Quixote is that the protagonist is on a quest to beat up a guy who wrote an unflattering fanfic about him
  • The Tale of Genji contains a chapter with no text to reflect the fact that the viewpoint character has just died

  • At one point the framing narrative of Frankenstein develops into a dude telling a story about a dude telling a story about a dude telling a story
  • No significant recurring characters appear within the first 25 000 words of
    Les Misérables, the text’s first fourteen chapters being occupied with a detailed biography of a priest who subsequently appears in one scene

  • In its authors’ notes, The Princess Bride claims to be an abridged edition of a 16th Century political satire that the editor’s grandfather once read to him as a bedtime story; the movie is in turn purportedly based on this bedtime story version (which appears nowhere in the published text), making it an adaptation of a fictitious abridgement of a nonexistent novel

I hate books.

I love books.