So i’m sitting here in a terrible mood, trying to figure out where today – compared to past Mondays, neither very good nor very bad – went wrong, and the only thing i can think of is when i was at the library. I picked up the four books i had on hold, then browsed for about an hour, seeing if i could find anything else good to take home. Every single book i picked up was garbage. Every single one.

I’m kind of baffled that something like that could have sapped all my mental energy and sour my mood enough that i don’t feel like going through my feed, let alone queue tomorrow’s posts, but there’s not a whole lot of other options. All the annoying drivers were on the way to work, not from (shout-out to the person who waited for the literal last minute to merge and didn’t seem to notice i was trying to let them in before i had to come to an almost-literal stop on the highway), and work was pretty okay today.

All in all, an auspicious beginning to a month that’s probably going to average not that great in the history of Aprils. Whee.

Sorry you had a rough start to April. 🙁 hope tomorrow goes better. Here’s a song I like to listen to after a bad day