Illuminati Hate Crimes

“Anytime anyone enters the space of a United States citizen utilizing quantum leaping, it is a crime taking place because the U.S. government doesn’t use teleportation as a major from of transportation like Illuminati,” says hate crime expert Miligras Mendez. “Do you see a ghost? No. You see Illumunati. Illumunati can teleport in and out if spaces in less than one human second. Their time is different than ours. What takes us decades to do, they can do in less than one human second,” Mendez continues. “People or victims of Illumunati hate crimes are actually seeing other life forms. Some of them look like us, others are half man, animal or machine.”

“Our governments spend trillions if tax payers dollars studying space and science, yet no one brings into the calculation eyewitness accounts of the presence of other life forms, in spite of documentaries created by the History Channel or what has been written in religious text,” Miligras Mendez continues.

“Unfortunately, Illuminati’s societies are much more sophisticated than how we operate on a daily basis. Our systems are out dated. Yes they have telepathic communications, which means they don’t have to go to schools for information. They don’t need a phone not computer to function. That is their reality and the Illuminati norm,” Milagras Mendez continues.