Promises: As Demonstrated In TTS/RTA


I don’t know if anyone has pointed this out yet, but I noticed how Tangled the series/Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure showed us three different examples of making promises, of breaking them, and of how one could react to them through the three main characters and our favorite recurring character, Varian. 



As you might know, Varian had Eugene promised him that he’ll keep the hot water tanks a secret so that he can surprise people when the time’s right. Eugene agreed to it, mostly because he’s trying to show Cassandra that he could keep a secret. But as soon as he realized how unstable the water tanks really were, he told Rapunzel and Cassandra the truth to alert them of the danger. Some of you might think that Eugene was wrong to tell Varian’s secret like that, but it was actually one of those cases where it’s okay to tell without the other’s consent. After all, Eugene clearly cares more about the safety of others than trying to prove that he can keep a secret. And as for Varian, we didn’t see how he reacted to Eugene revealing the secret, but it seems that he clearly understood how his inventions were very unstable and felt guilty for endangering his village. 



She, on the other hand, was the exact opposite of Eugene. In “Great Expotation”, she promised Varian that she would be his assistant in exchange for him to helped her with her chores so that she could have the time to be a guard. But then, she chose to be St. Croix’s bodyguard, despite remembering her promise to Varian. When she told Varian that she couldn’t keep her promise to him, he tried to appear okay with it, but we and Cassandra can clearly see that he wasn’t. Cassandra also felt guilty about it, knowing that she had chosen her own ambitions over her friendship. But at least the two talk and made up by the end of the episode.



This is the one people often complained about ever since “Queen for a Day” appeared, but what they failed to realized is that it’s actually a relatable experience. It’s an experience where a person makes a promise to someone, especially someone very dear to them, but then found themselves unable to keep it due to certain circumstances. Rapunzel promised Varian that they will solve the mystery of the destructive black rocks together and that everything’s going to be okay. But when a storm hit Corona and Varian arrived, begging for her help, she find herself torn between her duties as temporary queen and being a friend. In the end, she chose to stay behind because she knew that the kingdom couldn’t survive long without her to lead them. Varian, unlike the previous times, got upset because the consequences of both his and her actions tore him apart, making him blame her for everything that had happened to him. 

Yes, I’m aware that Rapunzel could’ve gone to see him after the storm, but that’s not really the point here. The point is that everybody’s different and they all have a different way of making promises, how they react when promises were broken, and how important some promises were to them than others. And sometimes they understand why someone broke their promise and sometimes they don’t. That’s part of life. And I think Tangled the series/Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure explain it perfectly in their own creative way.