Okay, but it just hit me how significant Requiem is because of the line “I will sing no requiem tonight.” Of course, Zoe is showing the other side of the story, the non-angelic portrait of Connor that she knew, but what really struck me was the word “tonight”.

Because right now in the loss, people’s reactions are to bury the bad to mourn the good, but not Zoe. She cannot mourn him because of the scars not yet healed. But the tonight tells me that one day she will be able to remember the brother she had as a human who is with missing. Not now, but someday. Now the pain is too deep to feel anything but relief for the end of the pain.

And I think she longs for that someday, which is why she reacted the way she did to Evan’s story.

At first she was angry at another person making him out to be this saint where she saw a monster, but secretly, she wanted it to be true, wanted to be able to mourn him. Not now, while the wounds are still fresh, but someday.

Evan thought he was helping out, but he was probably making the Murphy’s grieving process a lot more difficult.