Is Man A Beast?

“Illuminati controls the world! When folks say this, people who do not know who Illuminati is, have no idea as to what they are talking about,” says Paranormal Expert Juan Carlos Herendez.

“All life forms are controlled by Illuminati. Man is not superior being as he thinks because Illuminati created other life forms that look better, sound better, act better and have much more intelligence than what most men experience on earth,” says Paranormal Expert Juan Carlos Herendez.

“When Illuminati conducts there experiments on civilians, they show them other life forms. They show citizens life forms that they were led to believe that they were extinct. Not! This is how Illuminati has fooled people on a multitude of dimensions throughout time(s). Each dimension or space Illuminati has created has a different time frame. This means Illuminati controls time and weather on every dimension. So when citizens are introduced to other life forms that they never knew existed and our governments are exploring spaces controlled by Illuminati, then they need to interview Illuminati victims who can see on a higher dimension,” continues Juan Carlos Herendez.

“Men cannot call another life form a beast who does not look like him. If anything man is a beast in the eye of one of Illuminati’s creations because they possess more physical and mental power,” confirms Juan Carlos Herendez.