Illuminati Members Infer All Pain(s) Into The Human Body

“Here’s the situation,” Milagros Mendez Hate Crime Expert states. “Illuminati has covered all their crimes here on this planet and others. The fact that they can quantum leap in and out of spaces in less than one human second is phenomenal! They can also throw objects through a human body or a building because they have mastered how to break down molecular energy. When you see a waterfall you assume that it is normal. However, when Illuminati members show citizens how they can throw water at every angle, including down to up version they are mesmerised at their technology. When Illuminati throws water onto the body of a civilian in their homes where there is no rain or leakage, they want to know how is it possible. They also want to know how can Illuminati throw fish, sharks, octopuses, penguins and other life forms that we were trained to believe that needed water or a cold climate to live. They actually show people that the human body can live under water, which means Illuminati has access to Atlantis. It is not a fictional place. A mermaid is not a fictional creature. Zeus and all the so-called Greek Gods were real examples of what Illuminati could/can do. Can is the operative word. Illuminati runs the world and their is everlasting life her on this dimension. However, they decide how you come into this dimension and how you go out. It is well documented in religious texts that their is a God.”

Milagros Mendez continues, “What the History Channel has documented about terror associated with death is part of the Illuminati story. What Anbius did not t let civilians know is that there is a multitude of souls in one body, man and animal. This clearly means Illuminati operates and controls all life forms. Justice is blind because Illuminati controls what you see because they are teleporting your soul in and out of dimensions.”

“How do I know this? I was an Illuminati victim. They target women and t hose who are disenfranchised more than others.,” continues Hate Crime Expert, Milagros Mendez.

“Very few people know that there is no family line here on earth because Illuminati controls the human body, which means there is no free will. All crimes are committed by Illuminati. All crimes. If Illuminati is pulling other life forms out of the human body than clearly that means that man has supernatural powers, which have been kept from him. Victims are complaining to doctors that they can see other life forms, but because can’t see the other life forms than they don’t want to believe they exist. Not only do they exist, but they have more intelligence than man.”

“Illuminati lied to man about who he/she is to cover their crimes. All men do here us watch an experience that Illuminati had created specifically for them. The eye is the window to the soul. Well, it is true. Men only see what Illuminati wants them to see,” says Milagros Mendez. “This brings me to my next question, Why do we generalize a body that is controlled by Illuminati, who can change their form and Ident? What or who is in the casket and where do all the souls end up?”