Illuminati’s All Seeing Eye

“When Illuminati victims say that they hear voices in their head that are different from the sounds that they normally hear doctor’s label these patients as schizo. The problem is that Illuminati talks into every man’s head. There are no exceptions, and they infer information into the human body from the cradle to the grave. What Illuminati does to victims is slightly change voice patterns and show them that they control what they hear as well as their thoughts, which means that all men are controlled”, says Juan Carlos Hernandez, Paranormal Expert.

“No man can talk or think for himself, Juan Carlos Hernandez continues. “There is no need for an education system on any of Illuminati’s dimensions, since all information is inferred and controlled by Illuminati.” “It is the same for Illuminati’s so-called justice system. If man has no control of his body, how can he ever commit a crime? He can’t. It is impossible. This is why Illuminati refuses to show themselves to the life forms they created. Why are they charging people for crimes they committed when the body hosts more than one life form that can be altered or shape-shifted. Science fiction is more reality or documentation of what Illuminati can do!”

“Illuminati cannot say their is free will when it does not exists, especially since their is more than more than one soul occupied in the human body. Clearly, if the human body is controlled, the family line is disrupted. Illuminati controls the experiences that each human life form and other see. Each individual has a controlled experience on earth and other planes,” says Juan Carlos Hernandez, “and this is what Illuminati shows people and other life forms in their experiments.”

“Do other life forms exist? Absolutely.” states Juan Carlos Hernandez.

“If Illuminati uses one-way telepathic communications on every human being, then clearly the world suffers with schizophrenia,” says Juan Carlos Hernandez. How are they diagnosing citizens who can see other life forms and have been creating award-winning documentaries. For example, The History Channel has well-documented highly celebrated testimonies on Ancient Aliens. Here’s the problem. Illuminati created this planet called earth and they never left. They operate on invisible and have some hellified technology. Not only can they quantum leap in and out of systems, they can change their bodies to half-man/half-human. Their time is extremely different. So, what happens in an Illuminati second? How do they change their form and color? How do they coexist with animals? What really happens to the human soul? Why did Illuminati say man was free and he is not nor has never been?”

“The all-seeing eye of God metaphor means that Illuminati controls what you see and feel on this earthly dimension,” continues Juan Carlos Hernandez. “In their fcuked-up experiments, human lives are being tortured by weapons very few men have knowledge of. Everyone who can see on Illuminati’s dimensions is saying, “What the fcuk! Victims have no one to turn to when they see Illuminati quantum leaping and altering their forms/bodies, they want to know what is going on. This is what we are explaining… What we want to know is why the Catholic Church has keep silent on their so-called exorcisms and what people have seened that they have helped throughout time. Why won’t they come forth and say other life forms exist?!

“Illuminati show civilians that the human body is more powerful than an atomic bomb. They show civilians that they can be in more than one space/place at one time. They show civilians that the human body can be change to an ape or any or animal and that the transformation is painless. They show citizens that the retina is so powerful that they can pull a nasty rat out of it with no bodily fluids in less than a human second. They show humans that their are other life forms superior to man. In other words, Illuminati ain’t no joke!,” states Juan Carlos Hernandez. “This dimension is totally controlled by Illuminati. Totally is the operative word.”

“If Illuminati has all this power, why was this system created?,” Juan Carlos Hernandez asks quite candidly.