“The human body is robotic and controlled by #Illuminati. People who know who Illuminati is wants to know why they created a society so unsophisticated and intentionally lied to man about who he was? Illuminati talks for everyone. The question is why does Illuminati have men paying for communication systems that are operated and controlled by them. If Illuminati speaks for you, why are you left paying a cellphone bill? If #Illuminati controls your vision, why can’t a human beings see more than one image at one time of any size? The fact that you can see the sky and look at a smaller image on a phone at the same time or look at a motion graphic such as a television show and see everything in a room means that throats many ways totaled in visual information and all of these examples can be combined and visualized at one time. Therefore, the human body is extraordinarily powoand capable of processing infringement many different methods.” – Milagros Mendez, Paranormal Expert