Author: A State of Truth

PG&E Rothschild UN Agenda 2030 fires exposed.

Jeffrey Epstein sex slave Virginia Roberts says Prince Andrew belongs in jail: undefined

5G apocalypse.

CO2 is greening the Earth.

2100 caged children liberated and saved by U.S Marines and Navy Seals from DeepState owned underground bases in California: undefined

James Younger chooses to attend school as a boy.

Federal Judge in Texas fines CPS $50K a day for “shameful” foster care: CPS has “lied to me at almost every level”: undefined

Antarctic sea ice gain causing global cooling.

New article describes how growth of Antarctic sea ice moves ocean circulation currents enough to cause mini ice ages or full blown ice ages, and Antarctic sea ice is growing. Eleven thousand scientists sign petition for climate emergency, but there are heaps of fake names on the list including Mickey Mouse, no kidding.


They sit atop a fallen world.

Author, Screenwriter, YouTuber and Hollywood whistle blower Tiffany FitzHenry joins me to discuss the deep state, the fallen state of the world – and those who sit atop all of it.