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Work by Braga Last1 in the Arts District.


Illuminati Hate Crimes

“Anytime anyone enters the space of a United States citizen utilizing quantum leaping, it is a crime taking place because the U.S. government doesn’t use teleportation as a major from of transportation like Illuminati,” says hate crime expert Miligras Mendez. “Do you see a ghost? No. You see Illumunati. Illumunati can teleport in and out if spaces in less than one human second. Their time is different than ours. What takes us decades to do, they can do in less than one human second,” Mendez continues. “People or victims of Illumunati hate crimes are actually seeing other life forms. Some of them look like us, others are half man, animal or machine.”

“Our governments spend trillions if tax payers dollars studying space and science, yet no one brings into the calculation eyewitness accounts of the presence of other life forms, in spite of documentaries created by the History Channel or what has been written in religious text,” Miligras Mendez continues.

“Unfortunately, Illuminati’s societies are much more sophisticated than how we operate on a daily basis. Our systems are out dated. Yes they have telepathic communications, which means they don’t have to go to schools for information. They don’t need a phone not computer to function. That is their reality and the Illuminati norm,” Milagras Mendez continues.

Illuminati Confessions: Other Life Forms Exist…

“Well, here is the situation that creates controversy, Illuminati has more than one soul packed in the human body. No man walks, talks nor think for himself. Furthermore, the wat telepathic communications works means that Illuminati has to have access to the human body. Illuminati controls every human body and this is what they gave stated in their documentary. It is complicated to understand who Illuminati is and this is what we are attempting to explain. Illuminati never wanted men to know how much power the human body possessed. They never wanted man to know that we used their body in inappropriate ways. Now, that we are informing them some citizens find it difficult to believe because they are miseducated on quantum physics. The basic principles of telepathic communications is based in quantum mechanics. We have it. We use it and we really give telepathic communications away as gifts. Never doubted that! We also have access to other dimensions,” states Anonymous Illuminati.

Illumunati Members Make The Human Body Sick

“There is no excuse for what Illumunati is doing to the human body. Illumunati controls the central nervous system of everyone and more and more people to are discovering this fact. What this means is that if you feel good or bad it is because Illumunati wants your body to have that experience,” Miligros Mendez states.

Iluminati Experiments: Replication

“There is more than one way for the human body to enter into this hemisphere. This is one example of quantum leaping. Illumunati knows how to space travel by incenerating in and out of dimensions. In their experiments, Illumunati members also show individuals that they can replicate the human body, which is revolutionary,” says Juan Carlos, Science Writer.

Illuminati Powers

“Here are a few things that Illumunati can do that most physicians do not know: Illuminati can perform any type of surgery on the human body anywhere; Illuminati can quantum leap the human body or an animal in parts; Illuminati can suspend any object into space where only people who can see on a higher dimension can view the object; Illuminati can project holograms in any size, not just rainbows; Illuminati can infere any smell or taste into the human body; Illumunati can change the clothes on a person’s body without them feeling or seeing the transition; Iluminati can throw water or fire out of any part of the human body, including the eye; Illuminati can move or teleport the human body without an individual feeling any discomfort,” says Juan Carlos, Science Writer.

Illumunati Confessions: About Hilter

“What Illumunati did to Hilter was one of their biggest crimes. First of all, there is more than one soul in the human body and Adolf Hilter never had control of his mind, body or soul. Illumunati used him to create hatered. They used Hilter to create social disorders in societies. They used Hilter to slaughter the Jewish community. Hilter was controlled by Illumunati,” states Anonymous Illuminati.

Illumunati Confessions: The Human Body Has Sup…

“When a woman is pregnant that is an example of having more than one soul in the human body at one time. If a woman gives birth to triplets that is an example of at least eight souls or more in the human body. This is based on the so-called Illuminati matrix because they never leave a soul unattended. Illumunati never wanted citizens to know that they were superhuman. When we say superhuman that means that the human body can be shifted into any male/female or animal form. In essence, they have lied to people about their history,” Anonymous Illuminati says.

Iluminati Has More Than One Soul In The Human …

“Iluminati has more than one soul in the human body. This is problematic in that there is a hierarchy of souls. This means that one soul can control another soul or take possession of the human body. This is what individuals know who study human possessions. This is how Iluminati created this planet, by packing more than one soul in the human body. When more people discover that they are praying to Iluminati who controls the human body, they will understand what Iluminati victims have been complaining about,” Juan Carlos, Paranormal Expert, says.

Illuminati Quantum Leaps Across Dimensions

“What is interesting about Illuminati is when they show themselves via quantum leaping how some citizens from different backgrounds do not believe that the soul or souls can incinerate from particles and appear and then disappear. Illuminati members have mastered this technology. Some people who have witnessed this technology call the experience a visit from a loved or a ghost or a haint, but regardless of the title or language used, the spirit is always Illuminati,” says Hate Crime Expect, Miligros Mendez. “ "Notice the speed that Illuminati leaps in and out of dimensions. Remarkable! What is also interesting is how they choose what citizens they allow to see them quantum leaping,” Mendez continues. “This means that Illuminati is tampering with the human body because everyone should be able to see what is taking place on this dimension since Illuminati has them here. Why does Illuminati intentionally block the vision of the human eye? Why are people who are so-called legally blind unable to see with other eyes that they have in the human body that Illuminati has blocked off. If a blind man, woman or child can see a dream that is another window for sight. Illuminati controls everyone’s vision and what you don’t see is just as important as what you see,” Mendez comments.