Author: Bytch

“The human eye is extremely powerful. When citizens say that they can see through buildings, homes, cars and clothes, they are telling the truth. Illuminati shows a select group during their experiments how powerful the human body is. Their experiments are highly unorthodoxed. They show civilians how they can change out images and text using quantum physics, which means one can be reading a newspaper in English and in less than one human second, Illuminati will change the text with the same information to French. That is how powerful they are. They can do this and they have always possessed this superior intelligence. Illuminati can also alter photographs that you look at.  They often show civilians how they can change figures in photographs or add people and structures into the image.They are the masters of quantum physics, which means they can teleport any person or structure into a space. This is what civilians see when they see “ghosts or spirits.” Illuminati shows how powerful the human body is during their experiments. Man can see the entire moon, speck by speck, dust by dust particle, as if they were viewing it under a microscope, if Illuminati chooses to show them. There is no need for space travel when they are around because they can teleport the moon in whole or parts in any size. Why can’t they? Illuminati created the sun and the moon. #illuminati created man and other life forms that are half-man/half-animal. This is what Illuminati kept from man.” – Juan Carlos Hernandez, Paranormal Expert.






“The human body is robotic and controlled by #Illuminati. People who know who Illuminati is wants to know why they created a society so unsophisticated and intentionally lied to man about who he was? Illuminati talks for everyone. The question is why does Illuminati have men paying for communication systems that are operated and controlled by them. If Illuminati speaks for you, why are you left paying a cellphone bill? If #Illuminati controls your vision, why can’t a human beings see more than one image at one time of any size? The fact that you can see the sky and look at a smaller image on a phone at the same time or look at a motion graphic such as a television show and see everything in a room means that throats many ways totaled in visual information and all of these examples can be combined and visualized at one time. Therefore, the human body is extraordinarily powoand capable of processing infringement many different methods.” – Milagros Mendez, Paranormal Expert

“#Anibus was not a mythological character, but an Ancient Alien with superman powers. (If people can see #Anibus and other individuals from his plane, is he/are they so ancient?) #Anibus is a form of a man and a animal, who possess the abilities to shapeshift or transform his body into any animal (two legged or four legged animal or human. Do four-legged human exist? Yes, they do! There is nothing impossible with Illuminati.” – Milagros Mendez, Paranormal Expert.

“#Anibus appears in Egyptian history as half man with fur and half-animal. Illuminati created man and forms that are both half-man/half-animal with superpowers. This is what folks who are clairvoyant see: other life forms that look nothing like a human form that they are accustomed to seeing.This is what bewilders most scientists is how Illuminati has managed to keep their dimensions secret and sacred. Who is Illuminati and how do their societies operate?” “Can’t say they don’t, since they are showing themselves to more civilians from every walk of life, day in and day out.” – Paranormal Expert, Juan Carlos Hernandez

“Illuminati has created a human robot. The form they use is a replica of man, at any age, and they are coexisting in society. In the Illuminati experiments, victims are shown other life forms. These forms include man that possess superhuman powers.” – Juan Carlos Herendez, Paranormal Expert

Illuminati On Black Hair

“#IIlluminati controls the human body. This includes how much hair comes out of the human head. What #Illuminati has done to people of color is monstrous. They make people wear wigs when they can make their hair grow longer than Rumplestelin. That is a hate crime on so many levels because they control the human body, which means they tell people what hair to purchase and what businesses to purchase it from that too is controlled by #Illuminati. “ – Juan Carlos Herrndez




Planet earth is blue, and there’s nothing I can do 

Flintstones #2


In 1963, Ann-Margret guest-starred in a popular episode of the The Flinstones voicing Ann-Margrock, an animated version of herself recorded at Hanna-Barbera Studios located in Hollywood.

Here’s an old press pic of Ann posing with a cardboard cutout of her Stone Age alter-ego.