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Satan’s minions:

“A year ago, I wrote in a special letter to this person (KEVIN SPACEY), his role in 9/11 and the sealed indictments.
Now a year later it gets serious.As a senior Hollywood classic director, he has to bow to the paedo-industrial blackmail industry a la Epstein and the other control mechanisms of his dealers.”

The GoldFish Report No 320- Brief Update with Benjamin Fulford-The End of Rule by Psychocracy: undefined

World Changing Devices Locked Away by Illuminati: undefined

Marco Rodin Coils – [PDF Document]: undefined

What if you take a rodin coil put it under an orgonite, attach it to an iPhone and play 528 Hz healing tones or solfeggio mp3?

What‘s your oppionion on that?

I think church has very little to do with spirituality. I think it’s something you have to find in yourself, it’s about expressing your deepest fears and emotions, and putting it in something. It’s not about living in fear, and praying, and hoping you’re not going to go to hell, that’s not very spiritual to me.

Hemp Is Officially Legalized As President Trump Signs The New Farm Bill: undefined

US withdraws troops from Syria and Afghanistan: Backgrounds!: undefined

Part 1: Kevin Shipp- The matrix of influence:

Military industrial contractors

“Everything you do with the IRS (paper correspondence, telephone calls) is monitored by Lockheed Martin a contractor to the government”

“General Dynamics –>bombs, rockets etc.. their motivation isn’t peace”

“Northrop Grumman. Raytheon, Boeing, Booz Allen Hamilton –> foreign arms dealers

They all contribute 700.000 $ per year to 48 congressmen, senators and election campaigns. 

CIA Whistleblower Speaks Out About Climate Engineering, Vaccination Dangers, and 911:

Kevin Shipp former CIA officer: “9/11 was immediately labeled a terrorist event in order to stop any sort of criminal investigation”