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she’s out there making owl noises



DEH novel: Evan Hansen, the title character of the 2017 Tony award winning musical Dear Evan Hansen, is actually named Mark Evan Hansen.

DEH fans:

It’s funny that people make a big deal about Evan not going by his real first name.

My dad is named also after his father but goes by his middle name, so it was never a hard thing for me.

I also thought it was an interesting way to illustrate the deterioration of his relationship with his father: like, he got his love of nature from his dad and he has all these happy memories of going camping and fishing with him, but he’s so far removed from that part of himself he’s almost become a different person.


“Oh, hi, Mark”

—Jared to Evan and you can not convince me otherwise.


my fave thing about words fail is that ben platt starts the song off crying a little bit and then consistently levels up the emotion for every key change and tempo change and it’s just like “ok he must have reached Maximum Sob ™ at this point” but then it’s like “no there’s another three minutes to go” incredible


This is one good symbolism


Just a call out post that the book is really good

Read the book.


These are from me sending my friend crap. So yeah

Child: Mommy, how did you met daddy?
Reader:*breathe deeply*
SQUIP: Honey, no
Reader: I’ve bought him for 600$ in shoes store
SQUIP: Honey, wtf





Nerds These Days: You can’t have epic fantasy without epic battles, it’s a necessity of the genre!!!! 

Jolkien Rolkien Rolkien Tolkien, originator of the genre: … anyway, Bilbo got hit on the head, and then when he woke up the battle was over! 

Jirt writing “Helms Deep”: I guess I can tell you about the battle that happened, but I’m only going to spend half a page on it, so pay attention. 

Some other post somewhere made this point before but it’s worth saying again: this is probably partially because Jirt served in WW1 and was kept from dying at the Somme by pure chance, and he knew better than to write lengthy scenes of glorious battle because war is not glorious, it is horrific and the less time spent in it the better.



tbh the best thing come follow me does is mostly get out of the way and direct people to read the actual scriptures. the less it actually does, the better it is.


the come follow me program is like, good, and represents a good shift of focus, but i think it’s pretty silly to refer to the whole program itself, which exists as a guided lesson book, as though it were, like, a manuscript sent priority mail from kolob