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The only thing that bothered me about Alita: Battle Angel was…

The Rocket-hammer.

A lot of the character’s have enhanced characteristics, like cybernetically, that allow them to do things normal people can’t do and it feels normal because yeah if most of your body is robot maaybe you can move faster or are stronger than you would be if you were a normal human. But that thing?

Its so friggin huge it looks unwieldy, like he can barely hold it up. Not very conducive as a stealth weapon, which seems to be the way he uses it.

Other than that I thought it the movie was quite good. Nice cyberpunk asthetic without being too grimy, cool little mystery with worldbulding, generally positive and hopeful message…hope it gets a sequel.



The whole time watching Alita I was thinking this:



I’m glad that Bilbo Baggins exists

Because in the book, the dude was pretty firmly middle aged when his crazy-ass adventure started

He was settled down in the house that belonged to his parents and had done precisely jack shit with his life

It gives me hope that maybe some nutcase wizard will eventually show up and be like yo

you’re a burglar now

don’t even care that you didn’t roll rogue homie we got dragons to slay and kingdoms to save 

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Originally posted on July 27, 2018

Some would say that Andrew had the right idea, just not the right Person.


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Monk                                                                                                               Mr. Monk Goes To The Theater – Original airdate: August 1, 2003



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People think I’m crazy, ‘cause I worry all the time. 
If you paid attention, you’d be worried too.



““You stay here,” Rand told Hurin. “When it’s over… . You will be safe, here.”

Hurin drew his short sword, holding it as if it might actually be of some use from horseback. “Begging your pardon, Lord Rand, but I think not. I don’t understand the tenth part of what I’ve heard … or what I’m seeing”—his voice dropped to a mutter before picking up again—“but I’ve come this far, and I think I’ll go the rest of the way.”

Artur Hawkwing clapped the sniffer on the shoulder. “Sometimes the Wheel adds to our number, friend. Perhaps you will find yourself among us, one day.” Hurin sat up as if he had been offered a crown. Hawkwing bowed formally from his saddle to Rand. “With your permission … Lord Rand. Trumpeter, will you give us music on the Horn? Fitting that the Horn of Valere should sing us into battle. Bannerman, will you advance?”

Mat sounded the Horn again, long and high—the mists rang with it—and Perrin heeled his horse forward. Rand drew the heron-mark blade and rode between them.”

Two things. I forget every time that I love Hurin and that he deserves all the honours in the world. And I find the image of the three ta’veren riding in front of the Heroes of the Horn beautiful.



“Why this is hell, nor am I out of it.
Think’st thou that I, who saw the face of God,
And tasted the eternal joys of heaven,
Am not tormented with ten thousand hells
In being deprived of everlasting bliss?”

— Mephistophilis from faust’s dr faustus