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Benarkah Agnez Monica Illuminati?

[Need Viewer Discretion]
(7:13 – 7:28 Notice her hand)


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UFO Sightings Best New Documentary Ancient Aliens & More Watch Free! May 2013

UFO Sightings Ancient Aliens Best New Documentary For Month Of May 2013 Best UFO Footage Special Report!

Tài Liệu : Sơn Tùng MTP và Illuminati

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Is Man God? The Egyptian Mysteries Pineal Gland Doctrine (Ancient Knowledge)

The “Is Man God” documentary is taken from Howard West book, “THE 13TH CHAPTER: Humanity’s Final Chapter”.


Do you think aliens exist? Well if you don’t, then after you see these 3 incredible photos you will change your mind! Please subscribe! Youtube Link

The People VS Mac Miller – Illuminati, Falling Off, Crystal Meth and Ganja

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Do you prefer old Mac or new Mac? We caught up with Mac Miller before his show in London and asked him to respond to some of the comments left on his music video “I Am Who Am (Killin’ Time)”. Who are his favourite white rappers? What happened to Mac? Did he fall off and start smoking crystal meth? Or is he the Adam Sandler of hip hop?

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Illuminati & Masonic Symbols shown during Live Baseball (MLB)

This video was mirrored from Amerishima2012’s channel (links below)

MLB (Major League Baseball) Jun 26, 2013

With no relevance whatsoever to baseball, Illuminati/Masonic symbols are revealed onscreen for a few seconds during a live game, captured by Amerishima2012 – this video shows you yet another example of the Masonic Illuminati media putting their symbols right infront of your face and…

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Oprah Winfrey Is A Satanist – Illuminati Exposed

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