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Ex-Rapper Napoleon (Mutah Beale. FORMER member from the Outlawz Organised by The Late Great Tupac Shakur) speak about what he witness in the music industry about illuminati and devil worshippers. Youtube Link

Illuminati War of the Worlds – A Video You Need To See

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Eminem’s ‘Framed’ Illuminati Decoded

Eminem’s new video Framed is infused with Illuminati symbolism.
In 2018, Eminem is 45 years old. He’s still rapping and he’s still looking to “awe” through controversial rhymes delivered with great precision. However, in today’s music industry, one cannot get media coverage without fully complying with the occult elite’s agenda. Framed is just this: Eminem being “controversial” while fully…

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Q Anon 4-14-18 Missiles Only Intel Good [TRUST POTUS] SYRIA
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Dave Chappelle’s Family Claim Star Was Cloned By Illuminati

Dave Chappelle was cloned by the Illuminati, according to his cousin who claims the comedian’s physical appearance changed after his return from exile in Africa and appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show.
Chappelle’s cousin also claims that “the new Dave” does not recognize her, despite the fact she was extremely close to Chappelle before the strange events surrounding his “escape to Africa”.

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Illuminati Secret: Aleister Crowley, the OBEAH and the WANGA

Aleister Crowley is known for his magical philosophy, which has led to the creation of a new occult movement reviving the Secret of the Illuminati. The impact Aleister Crowley continues to have on Hollywood and the Illuminati Music Industry is a fact that has been noted by numerous occult writers and conspiracy theorists.

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