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Dr. Pete Petersons Energy Devices That Can Diagnose and Treat Your Illnesses:

“Pete comes from a long line of inventors, including his grandfather who was Tesla’s right-hand engineer at the Colorado laboratory.  From a young age, he was trained in the secrets of Tesla technology.  This gave him access to knowledge that was far more advanced than anything he could have been taught in the standard education system.

He was an avid and enthusiastic young inventor with numerous interests.  When he was only in 8th grade, he built an antenna that performed so well, it far exceeded anything that the U.S. government was normally using for military applications.  

This caught their attention and they recruited him to work for them so as young teenager, while most of the other kids his age were concerned with sports games and fashion, Pete was already building powerful antennas for the government.He was then trained by all the best scientists available within the classified world, earning multiple PhDs’ worth of information in a variety of technical fields.  

He became one of the top scientists and technology problem solvers within the classified world, and was widely considered their single most valuable and prolific inventor.  Ronald Reagan gave him the nickname “Mr. Do” as a result.

  Sadly, almost all his world-changing inventions remain classified this day.  (ask yourself why?)

(source) Pete worked directly with top neocons like Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfield and ended up having a change of heart that led to his coming forward.  He felt he had “mud on the wheel of his karma.”   (source)”

Dr. Pete Peterson’s medical electric acupuncture device

“Today I found the possible device Dr. Pete Peterson was talking about in the Camelot interview. ( part 2 starting around 6 minutes into it). “

It’s a so called “Computerized ElectroDermal Screening” device or Dermatron.”

 It has to do with the acupuncture points.

 In order to see how acupuncture points work Dr. Peterson injection radio active potassium into each acupuncture point while the person was under a high speed scan machine. They found out that the radioactive substance move very fast to the organ that was connected to the acupuncture point!

F. e. below the first joint on the thumb you can get infos on the body lymphatic system.


Problems in the organs manifest physically and informationally at the appropriate points on the body –> acupuncture points!

Unfortunately he would’nt expose the exact name of his device as he feared assassination.

He stated that he gave away the technology to different companies in the world and that these machines already saved the life of millions of people. I don’t know but maybe this could be Dr Petersons technology.

  But here he explains what his device functioned. It hat a acupuncture point locator that would make kinda noise when the acupuncture point was hit.