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Disinformation Tactics, and Agents of #FlatEarth #JetFuelHoax #TruthMovement, deceivers

Disinformation Tactics, and Agents of #FlatEarth #JetFuelHoax #TruthMovement deceivers ae map fe #ChemTrailsAreDemonic Chemtrails Are Demonic Simulation Realization #SimulationRealization source

Debunking The Controlled Flat Earth Disinformation

Debunking Globebuster’s Bullshit & Gleasontard Logic is soooo easy I don’t even have to try anymore. My logic destroys fantasy, if you prefer fantasy…..prepare to be destroyed again. Run and hide under your glass paperweight suckas because that is all you have left.

Anyone who wishes to donate to the Flat Earth Asshole Channel, can do so by clicking on the link below. Any and all donations are…

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