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Eurasia’s Illuminati HQ

Kazakhstan’s “Palace of Peace and Reconciliation” Pyramid in Astana, Eurasia’s Illuminati HQ for more info Youtube Link “Illuminati” Document, Clinton Emails Released. #PIZZAGATE

281 Clinton Emails have been released today by Judaical Watch. Also, Illuminati document found on website with very interesting information. Comment, Rate, Subscribe, Share, have a good day.

Judaical Watch 281 Emails —- —…

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Sevan Bomar On Esoteric Radio – The Reptilian Disclosure Project [05/08/2011]

Sevan Bomar On Esoteric Radio recorded on May 8, 2011
The Reptilian Disclosure Project

“It is obvious now that to ignore the Naga, Mero, Saurian, and Mars would be too detrimental in completing knowledge here on Urth. So We have taken the initiative to unveil a full Reptilian Disclosure. In this segment I will unviel everything I have and know about the Reptilian/Serpent species and their…

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