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Phallic Symbolism in Film

Filmmakers intentionally use penis shaped objects for dramatic effect more often that you’d expect. In this video, let’s look at how phallic symbols contribute to the visual storytelling of a film. The documentary in the film is called The ‘Alien’ Saga (2001) source

Giger’s Alien – 1979 Documentary

Giger’s Alien – 1979 Documentary. Featuring behind-the-scenes on Ridley Scott’s Alien with H.R. Giger. Youtube Link

Alien – Behind The Scenes – Part 1

Making of classic sci-fi film Alien starring Sigourney Weaver, directed by Ridley Scott.

Part 2 –

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ALIEN Main Title (film version)

Youtube Link

ALIEN 5: hey man

The Xenomorph is the most perfect creature in the universe. Hey man, do you know where the bathroom is?

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An Analysis: Alien

On the surface, Alien is a thoroughly generic film; so what makes it such a masterpiece?

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12 TNG Enterprise Noise:

This is the Nostromo ambient engine noise from Aliens for 12 hours. Perfect for relaxing and imagining that you are in…

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Alien Chestburster Scene

Alien chestburster scene Youtube Link

Build Your Own Aliens M41-A Pulse Rifle – DIY Prop Shop

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We build so many amazing weapons and props, we wanted to offer a show where you at home could build them yourself! Follow along with our host Dustin McLean (“Homemade Movies”) as he shows you how to build awesome props from all of…

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