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10 Reasons Aliens Won’t Invade Earth

An exploration into the concept of alien invasion and reasons why aliens would not attempt to invade earth.


Darkest Child by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
Artist: http://incompetech.c…

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TRUMP VS ALIENS (Watch Before It’s Deleted Again!)

I can’t believe what Donald Trump just said! The crazy thing is, maybe he’s RIGHT!

A War with Aliens would fix Racism, Sexism, and end every War instantly. Thoughts?

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Clay “Ancient Aliens” Found In Mexico?

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The figurines of Acambaro, a series of artistically driven figurines, that perplex all who have the opportunity to examine them.
They were discovered by German, Waldemar Julsrud in the July of 1944, within…

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Shocking footage of UFOs Attacking each other over Nevada:

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Are Aliens About To Invade?

In October 2016, Barack Obama sent Vladimir Putin a top secret message. Leaked reports say that message was a warning that the Earth is in grave danger. Obama told Putin that NASA had discovered an alien invasion fleet on its way… and it will reach Earth in September 2017.

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Steven Greer Comments on the Arrival of the False Flag Alien Invasion:

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Alien Prank Invasion In Real Life

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Aliens are invading Rhode Island in this classic prank. In this prank I snuck up behind them, clapped twice and when they looked back they get freaked out. I also thought it would be funny to stand at an exit ramp and…

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Ancient Alien Spaceship Found In Oklahoma?

The following amazing story was published by a David Campbell, on a site known as viewzone, it was a report regarding an incredible find within Oklahoma, subsequently chased up by David and his wife on location.

[Mineplex Alien Invasion] MINEPLEX ATTACKED BY ALIENS!?!?!

Double gems, shards and xp! Oh boy, time to grind.

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JJD & Marin Hoxha – Lift

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Electro-Light – Throwback [NCS Release]

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Putin says Illuminati will use Islam to start a war with the West.

And guess what ? he is telling you the truth. Link. Here is the man that thumbs down all my video’s.