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Illuminati children’s cartoon

Kids cartoon with Illuminati symbology, Masonic hats, owls, all seeing eyes, bohemian grove, Satanic rituals, Kennedy assassination, UFOs, moon landing, Skull and Bones, and more. Youtube Link

5 Symbols in Eyes Wide Shut – Kubrick Exposes Illuminati!

Greetings YouTube and welcome to … The Rabbit Hole. Today we are digging into Stanley Kubrick’s final film … Eyes Wide Shut. The film is steeped in Illuminati symbolism and the rabbit hole gets deeper and deeper with each viewing. This video will contain spoilers and graphic content so consider yourself warned. Follow me down.

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Hegelian Dialectic: A Tool To Enslave Humanity:

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“Adversary comes in many forms, but the most dangerous kind of enemy, capable of inflicting precise horror and vast devastation on your world, is the one who approaches you disguised as a friend.”


(Meet the new family-friendly Illuminati everyone! Join now to receive a golden Illuminati “talisman.” It comes with an imagined sense of superiority, a symbolic admission of ignorance, complicity in your eventual destruction, and the faintly echoing derisive laughter of billionaires)  


The Illuminati | Official Website:

So apparently the Deep State/Global Elite have actually found it necessary to create a website as well as a video PSA (Public Service Announcement) on YouTube publicly stating their purpose and beliefs. (Another indication that we have them against the ropes)

Read it for yourself.

The truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

Don’t believe a word of it!

An enemy with its back to the wall is prone to erratic and desperate behavior. Do not let down your guard – not even for a minute.

Love and Light.