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Mysterious Maya Artifacts Hailed As Evidence Of Ancient Alien Contact

What if thousands of years ago, the ancient Maya came in contact with beings, not from earth? Youtube Link

Ancient Aliens Mysterious Place

Ancient Aliens is a theory also known as the Ancient Astronaut Theory which suggests through undetermined evidence that ancient aliens have had past communication, influence, and guidance with Earth’s ancient cultures/civilizations.

Clay “Ancient Aliens” Found In Mexico?

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The figurines of Acambaro, a series of artistically driven figurines, that perplex all who have the opportunity to examine them.
They were discovered by German, Waldemar Julsrud in the July of 1944, within…

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Anunnaki Found in Hindu Temple? Ancient Aliens in India

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Hey guys, this is an ancient temple at Lepakshi and here we can see this strange carving that shows a very unique deity. You can see that it has a reptilian face, looking like a…

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Ancient Alien Mummy or Modern Hoax? | Ancient Architects

Recent reports and bizarre images of a mummy-like bodies from #Peru that have three-fingered hands led to claims by Russian scientists that these mummies may not be human … and are ancient mummified aliens. It is of course a complete hoax. Did #AncientAliens ever really exist? All images are taken from Google Images for Educational purposes only. Youtube Link

Ancient Aliens From Sirius Visited Earth?

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Many people assume, that ancient astronaut theories are nothing more than modern pseudoscience, holding no Credence within reality.
However, this is a mistake.
The idea of ancient visitors from other…

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Know Your Meme: Ancient Aliens

Is it possible that the Internet was created not by scientists or engineers, but by a stroke of genius owed to a brilliant mind?