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Who Were The Reptilian Gods of Ancient Civilizations?

Who were the Reptilian gods of ancient civilizations like Sumeria, Egypt, Mayan, Aztec, China, India, Inca, and More? While the Ancient Anunnaki were nearly always represented in a humanoid form, numerous traits indicate clear differences between the Anunnaki and ordinary humans.

The facial features of the Ancient Anunnaki Gods were always well-hidden thanks to the large beards, and even though…

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Ancient Aliens Mysterious Place

Ancient Aliens is a theory also known as the Ancient Astronaut Theory which suggests through undetermined evidence that ancient aliens have had past communication, influence, and guidance with Earth’s ancient cultures/civilizations.

Enlil: Ancient Alien, The Biblical God & Anunnaki Connection

John Polk explains who Enlil was and the biblical connection he has with the Anunnaki Gods.



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Reptilian Shapeshifters Compilation 9 – Arnold Schwarzenegger & Hollywood Movies

Reptilian Shapeshifters Compilation 9 – Arnold Schwarzenegger & Hollywood Movies. source

Mike Adams: David Wilcock leaving GAIA over “Luciferian” agenda:

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This is Part 1 of Astral Ivory’s video on “Channeling The Nazca Aliens” with special guest medium, Alison Ailfinn Allan, as she channels Alberto and Josephina, along with our spirit guide Curtis, and the Nazca Aliens Collective. So little has been known of these beings….until now….

Background: Earlier this year, researchers and scientists investigated unearthed Nazca aliens and mummies found in…

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David Wilcock’s New Data Dump – Antarctica is Atlantis – Beware of Disinformation!

This is a report I did for the Full Disclosure Now network, that I’m uploading to my page here.

(Edit: threw this up on YT before I edited a couple pics in. My Bad.)

David Wilcock’s “Antarctica Atlantis” YouTube data dump –


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Ancient Stone Carvings Confirm how Comet Struck Earth in 10,950BC:

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