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Mysterious Maya Artifacts Hailed As Evidence Of Ancient Alien Contact

What if thousands of years ago, the ancient Maya came in contact with beings, not from earth? Youtube Link

Ancient Aliens & gods – Alien structures UFO Documentary FULL

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Ancient Tree Research Project | Giant Cedars of Lebanon (Part 2):

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Atlantis Found? ‘8.5-mile pyramid’ discovered at bottom of the ocean:

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Please watch: “☑️ The Best UFO Sightings of 2017 – HD (720p)” –~–
The Dogon are a tribe living in Mali, West Africa. According to one of their legends an Ancient Alien race called the Nommos visited the Earth from the star Sirius thousands of years ago.

The Nommos were ugly amphibious beings.
The Dogon learned from the Nommos that there was a companion…

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Reptilians, NEW WORLD ORDER & David Icke 2017

Evidence Of The Reptilian History David Icke source

Dark Matter – Episode 8 UFO’s, Ancient Aliens & Intelligent Design with Dr Michael Heiser, Art Bell

Mike earned his PhD in Hebrew Bible and Semitic Languages at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Before going to the UW-Madison, Mike earned an M.A. in Ancient History from the University of Pennsylvania (major fields were Ancient Israel and Egyptology), and another M.A. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Hebrew Studies). He also attended Dallas Theological Seminary. Mike’s undergraduate…

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This is a voice acted reading the the famous “Lacerta Files” of contact made by a human reporter with an ancient female reptilian species native to Earth.

This is part one of a two part interview…which will be published in the very near future…

I will do a follow up video and commentary to this video also:)

Thanks again to “Canalave Maiden” for helping me with this project!


The Lacerta…

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Hollow Earth Expedition – The Antarctica & Greenland Coverup – Dr Brooks Agnew:

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ancient aliens in india

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