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“Iron shall NOT mix with clay” – bible

Iron represents technology and clay represents humans, for God is also called the potter in the bible as a parable.

Satan has his seal on people by making them robots so it will defile the temple of God which is our bodies made in God’s image. 

Whoever gets this mark of the beast will literally be slaves to the NWO and antichrist who will be praised by all the dumbed down people of the universe who didn’t accept Jesus.

Human 2.0 is almost here: the transhumanism agenda goes mainstream.

Antichrist spirit – apocalypse – American Horror story 8 explained.

“Originally, I stopped at season 1 of American Horror Story, but the show took a decidedly Antichrist and occult bent more recently, illustrating the summation of all the seasons into a single hidden narrative about the birth and coming of the Antichrist. Since this relates to films and shows we’ve done before, as well as to chapters in my books, I have decided to cover the first episode of the new season.”

Benarkah Agnez Monica Illuminati?

[Need Viewer Discretion]
(7:13 – 7:28 Notice her hand)


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Something REALLY WEIRD Happened At Denver Airport!

Something REALLY WEIRD Happened At Denver Airport (2016) All music by Kevin Macleod and Chris Zabriskie source


Azzeziel and Br dawud screaming about white people being demons

i dont think all white people are reptilians btw


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The Secret Building on 9/11 & ILLUMINATI Connection ( Hindi Urdu )

TBV Team explore some stunning conspiracies surrounding the mysterious secrets of WTC 7 building and the connection with illuminati !! #Illuminati #Secret #Unfolded

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Perry Stone May 21 2018 — THE APOCALYPTIC SHIFT TO THE LAST CHURCH AGE #PerryStone2018 #SermonsPerryStone #PastorPerryStone #PerryStoneThisWeek #EveryPerryStone #PerryStoneProphecy #PerryStoneProphecyUpdate #PerryStoneMinistries #ManaFest #Prophecy #God #Lord #Jesus #EndTimes…

Phallic Symbols at Denver International Airport

Many of the paintings and sculptures at DIA contain hidden images of paganism. source

Reptilian reality! You must know abaut it.

Teeth,eyes,weird swallen things on their You recognize Reptilian demons? source