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CO2 is greening the Earth.

Don’t be fooled, this is the plan.

The power went out in our neighborhood for 12 hours. Just imagine if it stayed down for 12 months. Or 12 years. Or forever.

Why Alien Life Would be our Doom – The Great Filter

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Finding alien life on a distant planet would be amazing news – or would it? If we are not the only intelligent life in the universe, this probably means our days are numbered and doom is certain.

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Illuminati children’s cartoon

Kids cartoon with Illuminati symbology, Masonic hats, owls, all seeing eyes, bohemian grove, Satanic rituals, Kennedy assassination, UFOs, moon landing, Skull and Bones, and more. Youtube Link

REPTILIAN ALIENS | Why reptilians (ETs) are real and I am not crazy!

Reptilian Aliens – Why they reptilians are real and I am no crazy. Of all the conspiracy theories, or ideas out in the world, it seems that the Reptilian shape-shifting alien concept would make the top of the list of crazy conspiracy theories faulting in credibility. But is this alien theory as crazy as it seems?

From Baphomet, to David Icke, and all ancient cultures with dragons in their…

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Are the human race headed for apocalypse? Will Brexit be good for the UK? What do aliens think of VICE? And how soon until we get to get down with aliens in bed? In this rare opportunity, VICE asks an extraterrestrial race (through a man channeling them) all of earth’s burning questions.

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Must See Proof Obama Is a Reptilian Shapeshifter

Check out the links below for the original video & more info & proof on Illuminati, Nibiru, Reptilians, Aliens/ UFOs & More:

“The Individual Is Handicapped By Coming Face To Face With a Conspiracy So Monstrous, He Cannot Believe It Exists.
– J. Edgar Hoover

“You Can Fool Some of The People All of The Time & Those Are the Ones You Want To Concentrate On.”
– George W. Bush

“Sarah, If The American…

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Un Ex-Illuminati avec 47 Années d’Expérience Balance Tout

Cet homme a eu le courage de témoigner sur les Illuminati. Il a passé 47 ans à les servir mais sa conscience ne pouvait plus continuer ainsi et il s’est senti obligé de tout balancer… pour notre plus grand plaisir !

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John Dee & The Empire of Angels – Outlining Project Apocalypse & Enochian Magick:

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Illuminati: Les Stars vouent un culte à Satan ! NWO

Ne vous y trompez pas, pour la gloire, le succès et l’argent, ils sont
prêt à vendre leur âme à Satan, apprenez à détecter leur symbolisme !



Justin Timberlake – Mirrors

KE$HA et l’oeil : concert maçonnique satanique + Stars et pubs qui affichent les symboles


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