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Did the Illuminati KILL Mac Miller as a message to Ariana Grande or Sacrifice?!

Okay so first and foremost I don’t mean to show any disrespect to the rapper, his fans, or family.

Ariana Grande’s deal with the devil: a Grande deception.

Ariana Grande is one of today’s top pop stars, with literally billions of views of her songs online. She was selected to perform at the 2018 Video Music Awards on MTV, blasphemously performing her song “God is a Woman”. Ariana Grande is just another in a long list of pop stars who is negatively influencing our children and leading them into destructive lifestyles. As Christians, we need to be praying for her salvation and for those whom she is negatively affecting.

Bằng chứng cho rằng Ariana Grande là thành viên của Illuminati

Bằng chứng cho rằng Ariana Grande là thành viên của Illuminati

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Ex-miembro de los illuminati revela las atrocidades que comete la élite

Ronald Bernard, un ex-microempresario holandés quien después de crear varias compañías especializadas en la importación y exportación de autos, textiles y otros productos en Holanda, decidió incursionar en el negocio de las finanzas para tratar de hacerse más rico en muy poco tiempo.


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Former NAVY SEAL Craig Sawyer talks about his non-profit organization and upcoming documentary film EXPOSING ELITE PEDOPHILE RINGS. He is being supported by members of federal law enforcement and the intelligence communities – PLEASE HELP HIM INFORM THE PUBLIC DESPITE THE MEDIA BLACKOUT!