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Who Were The Reptilian Gods of Ancient Civilizations?

Who were the Reptilian gods of ancient civilizations like Sumeria, Egypt, Mayan, Aztec, China, India, Inca, and More? While the Ancient Anunnaki were nearly always represented in a humanoid form, numerous traits indicate clear differences between the Anunnaki and ordinary humans.

The facial features of the Ancient Anunnaki Gods were always well-hidden thanks to the large beards, and even though…

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Kevin Trudeau talks to Giorgio Tsoukalos from Ancient Aliens

Today, the star of Ancient Aliens and publisher of Legendary Times Magazine, Giorgio Tsoukalos, joins Kevin for the entire hour and explains the facts and evidence that aliens have visited Earth. Find out how the technology that they used surpasses our modern technology and how it would be impossible to re-create their feats!
The Kevin Trudeau Show –

Deer Antler…

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REAL Artifacts Proving Aliens Have Been to Earth

From alien coins to drawings of ancient astronauts, here are 10 Artifacts and Findings that just might prove aliens have walked among us…

10. The Baptism of Christ… by Aliens ??

This scene, painted by Aert de Gelder in the 17th century, depicts that baptism of Jesus. According to the Bible, Jesus saw the spirit of God above him as he resurfaced. It would appear that our artist here, depicted that…

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Mayan Secrets Found In Newly Discovered Underwater Cave:

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Mysterious artifacts with engravings of ‘Aliens’ and ‘Spaceships’ unearthed in Mexican Cave:

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Ancient Aliens impressive discovery 4/15

part 4- Aztlan (Mexica) , and Temple near Cusco (Peru) , Ancient Aliens impressive discovery part 1

10 Historical Ancient Alien Artifacts

From the ancient tiny space ships, to the bizarre metal books discovered in Israel, these are 10 HISTORICAL Ancient Alien Artifacts !

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6. Bizarre Mayan Artifacts
Mexican authorities were quite hesitant to release images of these bizarre artifacts to public after they were discovered 80 years ago. We all know the Mayans seemed to have a close…

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Newly discovered ‘Jade tablets’ depict interaction of advanced alien life with ancient Maya:

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Chris Aubeck – Nibiru Debunked? OOPARTS – Ancient Aliens Documented 400 Year UFO Timeline

“THE FIRST 8 MINS OF AUDIO IS ROUGH. GETS BETTER AFTER THAT” Author, Researcher, and Aerial Phenomena Expert. Mr Aubeck has authored 3 books on the Subject of UFO’s and In 2003 Chris co-founded a remarkable collaborative network of librarians, students and scholars of paranormal history on the Internet. This group, known as the Magoniax Project, extends from North and Central America to Russia…

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Top Secret UFO FILES – Ancient Mayan Artifacts – Ancient Aliens?

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