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Memorial for a murdered child – after school “pizza” movie exposed.

Journalist who investigated EU corruption found 😵🔨

The church’s dark secret: the hidden truth behind child abuse.

A Pennsylvania grand jury revealed that a succession of hundreds of Catholic priests abused thousands of children, the abuse went on for decades. Now, thousands of Catholic’s are now calling on the Pope to resign after church officials reveal he knew about predator priests and did nothing to stop them. Discover what the mainstream media wont tell you about this crisis! Find how how high this problem goes and the real reasons behind Catholic Church abuse which includes elements of mind control and satanism.

Paedophiles in Parliament.

Journalist and broadcaster Sonia Poulton explores the history of paedophile allegations in British politics.

Charity established by Mother Teresa caught selling babies on the black market in India: undefined

Elsagate: they don’t think you will notice.

Startling evidence indicates that the CIA is not looking out for the best interest of our children as we take a closer look at who is really creating these disgusting videos that find their way onto the youtube channel for kids.

Strange science reported in Antarctica.

The blatant conspiracy behind Senator Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination: undefined

“Their Lives Were Ruined”: Victims Of CIA MK-Ultra Brainwashing Plan Class-Action Suit:


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Random rants of Ryan: “suck my balls, pizzagate is real.”