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The cloud of deception.

Have you ever heard of the Prometheus Project?

Transhumanism: from MK-Ultra to Google: undefined

The evil AI merge plan revealed by Elon and Company.

If predictive programming has taught us one thing, it’s that if you’ve seen it on TV many times, you will probably see it happen in real life eventually. This is another one of those times. It’s hard to watch these sad deceived people follow the orders of their puppeteers, so join us as we pray for those like Elon that have been deceived their entire lives.

Where does it end? New ‘Monarch’ brain device approved for ADHD.

Featuring Dr. Peter Breggin [The Minds of Men], for more on SPAC, visit

Phone companies promote human micro-chipping for payments.

A new Venezuelan ID, created with China’s ZTE, tracks citizen behavior: undefined

Hundreds of birds dead during 5G experiment in The Hague, The Netherlands: undefined

Their plan is hell on earth.

The Background People Will Disappear At The Shift:

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