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Boston Manhunt. For the JOKER. Illuminati Freemason Symbolism. pt 3.

An investigative Look into the Manhunt in Boston.
One of the 2 Brothers who did the bombing is dead and the other is still loose.
He may be caught at anytime. May the LORD be with the Innocents and Police to get this all handled.
I pet goat 2 vid link.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the older brother of Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19. Tamerlan…

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The Best Reptilian Shapeshift Evidence

To see more shapeshifts:

“The left eye is weak, but johnellizz is STRONG! We cannot possibly compete with this fantastic man!” -666

Superman (Henry Cavill) flashes a Reptilian shapeshift as he kills general Zod in “Man Of Steel”. Unsuprisingly, the…

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The Aurora Batman and Florida school shootings followed the same script: undefined

Alien VS Predator Stop Motion 異型VS終極戰士

This is a new video we made about stop motion fights between several movie characters, figures are from Herocross, which are very cute and awesome toys , this video took around 6000 pictures and nearly two month of production time. Facebook : Counter656 Youtube Link

VALD – Eurotrap (Illuminati Edit)

Sinon y a des petits films animés sur ma chaîne, si t’es content de ce clip vas les voir aussi, tu seras peut-être content 2 fois comme ça. Y a de la violence et du porno animalier, t’as pas envie de rater ça.

L’Edit d’Eurotrap avec le plus de Fight Club, de Pulp Fiction, de Papa Doc en PLS et bien d’autres bails, alors laisse poce blo

Pour ceux qui demandent:

– C’est réalisé avec After Effect et…

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Trump Ripped Off Part Of Inauguration Speech From Supervillain Bane:

The Dark Knight Rises