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Illuminati Symbolism – Everywhere!!!

Excellent video – cloned and redundant – acquired from anonomous7787 source

When an alien life force crashed to Earth, Its deadly secret remained dormant for thousands of years patiently waiting the evolution of human knowledge to unlock its horror. Now, a deranged scientist has broken the code and a billion mutant life forms have begun spawning the ultimate creature of destruction. Growing beyond control, the blood thirsty alien killer is on a murderous rampage, growing…

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SERPENTS & THE TREE: Evidence of a Reptilian Race [PART 2]

“PLAUSIBLE POINTS – EVIDENCE FOR THE SERPENT RACE” ~InfiniteFreeThinkers (THIS VIDEO IS PART 2) Chapter 8. Inner Earth & Underground Bases…

Escape From New York – Reptile Alien Deception 1

I grew up with this movie and it was part of who I was and what all I thought was cool growing up, so to find out now they are reptilian shapeshifters is very disturbing.