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The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge:

[Here is the book in .pdf form to any who are interested.]

Don Juan was a native Sonoran Indian “brujo” or “diablero,” a priest, a title once highly revered with a knowing once coveted. However, over time, it became misunderstood, then understanding of this priest-class was deliberately distorted and perverted by others in possession of similar knowledge who were seeking to destroy all the competition. They systematically destroyed all back-channels to access to this knowledge now only those they chose to strictly induct into their rich and powerful priest-class, via ritual and blackmail, deliberately corrupted and confused, were allowed to hold a little bit of the knowledge…and then they were strictly monitored for any transgressions or leaks into the public’s mass consciousness.

{The truth is that we simultaneously both create and inhabit this reality. If we fear, horror will seek us out. What we love, that which we choose to focus on and dwell on we will eventually attract. The mind exists beyond the brain. We interact with our environment on levels we didn’t even know were there.

We are more powerful than we are led to believe. We are like a prize-fighter in the twelfth round and although from inside the ring the seats all look empty, the house is packed, standing room only, many are betting on us and many are betting against us in every infinite moment and how we behave, how we end our story will have a huge impact that will reverberate throughout the universe and affect many many beings. There is an interest in us and that interest is well-placed.

We are at a crucial crux and we cannot undo what road we choose to take.

One road is LOVE and the other road is FEAR.}

Like a child rejected by his mother, and like others before them, these Sonoran priests were forced to wander to the edge of civilization, their only choice to live on the fringe of society and isolation. Even during the writing of this book, Don Juan lived at the doorsteps to the wilderness. Similarly, the ancient Celtic druids were also once highly revered and possessed much similar understanding of the nature of reality and the Earth and the occult and things we are taught is not possible and so we do not seek the truth down these paths for we are taught they lead nowhere or to our demise or to the devil. The druids were hunted to extinction and towards the end, few were left to wander the wilderness, very much like Don Juan, they were no longer deemed a threat by the Romans who took the knowledge for themselves and no longer intended to share it with the people. The Roman elite eventually became the British Royal family and eventually branched into a handful of powerful “elite” bloodlines and spread across the Atlantic with the powerful families who helped build and simultaneously enslave America with debt. These “elite” families had created a false scarcity of this knowledge by creating secret societies and esoteric religious orders containing many steps of indoctrination and revelation, then spread disinformation to conceal any knowledge that spilled out into the public domain. Beginning at a very young age, elite children and adults who become popular artists or powerful populists and entrepreneurs and scientists are very SLOWLY inducted into these societies. The knowledge is given out in very slow doses spread very thinly across as many years as it takes to live a lifetime. This is no coincidence…this is so nobody can ever truly hold enough information to use it to fight back against these cowardly misers. Only when you are very old and impotent and weak and people no longer listen to what you say do you ever maybe get to see the full picture behind the metaphorical velvet curtain. Throughout the many years of membership to these secret societies, those who hold the light, only let it out in a small dribble, for they were the same people who built the dam holding back the waters of a thousand oceans and drink their bellies full as we, the people, cry out for understanding and knowledge, even then they continue to murder any who dare to dig wells or popular men and women who begin to speak out against them. Now these highly-revered thieves, rapists, con-men, slave-holders, murderers and motherfuckers are our bilderbergers, trilateral commissioners, royals, holy men, politicians and bankers.

I hope you read this book and you like it and you grow strong by it – no matter who you are or what your skin color is or what your religion is or what your gender is, because you are my sibling on this Earth and I am yours. We are so much more the same than different.

Love and Light