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2100 caged children liberated and saved by U.S Marines and Navy Seals from DeepState owned underground bases in California: undefined

Who is Ghislaine Maxwell?

Investigative Journalist Found Dead in D.C. Hotel Room Weeks After Reporting Bill Clinton to FBI & DHS for Allegedly Raping Boy:

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CLINTON Blames ALIENS for Election Loss!

How many of you watched the April 27th 2018 episode of Ancient Aliens where John Podesta joined in they talked about how much of a saint Hillary Clinton is for trying to disclose classified documents about UFOs and ETs?

I know on the surface this seemed to be a good thing they were doing but really, when you see who was apart of this, there is a much darker reason why Hillary and Podesta were…

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Bill Clinton tried to discover truth about UFOs and JKF murder – this is what he found:

Scandal hit Mr Clinton asked Webster Hubbell, his associate attorney general, to find out all he could about two of the world’s biggest conspiracy theories – that more people than Lee Harvey Oswald were involving in killing his predecessor John F Kennedy, and the US Government has covered up for years the fact that aliens have visited Earth.

According to his memoir Friends in High Places, Mr Hubbell hit a brick wall at every turn.

He was unable to find out anything more about the death of JFK.

Thousands of files made public by the CIA about the death late last year were not handed over.

And, while he was able to get the disclosure of some files on US interest in UFOs, there was no smoking gun evidence that aliens conspiracy theorists are seeking.

Mr Hubble concluded that a “secret government wing” holds all such data, that even the President is not privy to.

By Alternative View, Published on Mar 2, 2017

(check out his YouTube channel for more like this, like us, he’s also a soldier in the fight against the NWO)

“Field McConnell is a career military and airline pilot who is closely linked to the flying events of 9/11.  His Air National Guard unit had F16s over Washington DC on morning of 9/11; Captain Charles ‘Chic’ Burlingame of American Airlnes Flight 77 ( Pentagon) was his college classmate, and the ‘Boeing Uninterruptable Auto-Pilot’ (BUAP} equipped drones were his intellectual property.

It was this BUAP technology that was misused by Field McConnell’s sister, Kristine Marcy, and Hillary Clinton as the Establishment patsied Muslims to facilitate their ‘New American Century’.

When Field exposed ‘Boeing’s Uninterruptible Auto-pilot’ in December 2006, the FAA, U S Department of Justice and most notably the Airline Pilots Association attempted to silence him regarding the Truth of 9/11.  He immediately retired from Northwest Airlines and was recruited to fly Airbus jets in Kazakhstan where he flew for 18 months to round out his 31 year airline career.

Field McConnell’s expertise has been used by Russia, Malaysiaand Germany in explaining the four airliners takendown by the illegal modifications, which he first reported on 10 December, 2006.”

Former NAVY SEAL Craig Sawyer talks about his non-profit organization and upcoming documentary film EXPOSING ELITE PEDOPHILE RINGS. He is being supported by members of federal law enforcement and the intelligence communities – PLEASE HELP HIM INFORM THE PUBLIC DESPITE THE MEDIA BLACKOUT!

Cathy O’Brien: former child sex slave and secret courier for the political elite/cabal/new world order.

Ask yourself, do you think she’s lying?