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El Gran Crack del Bitcoin illuminati (LCC-FCO LLINARES)

El Gran Crack del Bitcoin illuminati (LCC-FCO LLINARES). Conversción en tre dos expertos, el consultor de la City Luis Carlos Campos y Francisco Llinares, premio rankia al mejor blog.

Top South Korean Crypto Regulator Found Dead “From Unknown Cause”:


The Dark Side of The Moon Illuminati (2018)

Speaker Yash Qaraah: or

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►How Will Smith and Tyrese Gibson Sold Their…

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Is Bitcoin an Illuminati Ruse?… Cryptocurrency Conspiracy Theories on CTAUC Podcast:

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Researchers find that one person likely drove Bitcoin from $150 to $1,000:

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NEWS: US Pedogate Rings, CIA UFO Disclosure, Globalist Bitcoin Conspiracy – January 14 2018:

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The brain of the beast.

This video ties AI, the blockchain, Bitcoin and the RFID chip to the Image of the Beast and Mark of the Beast. 

Is Cryptocurrency The Future, Or The Future New World Order Currency?:

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The Washington Post Says That Fedcoin Will Be ‘Bigger’ Than Bitcoin:

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Creating Crypto Currency: Shocking NSA Paper From 1996 Describes Creating Blockchain and Bitcoin:

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