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Disclosure, Cabal’s Defeat, Ancient Aliens & Inner Earth – Corey Goode & David Wilcock CLE 2017

Corey Goode & David Wilcock present at the Conscious Life Expo in LA 2017. Youtube Link

Ancient Aliens Return – David Wilcock & Corey Goode – Secret Space Programs:

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Cosmic Disclosure: End of the Super Federation:


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Cosmic Disclosure: Viewer Questions 12: Repressed Disclosures and Coordinated Communications:

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Cosmic Disclosure: Alchemy and The Law of One:

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Controlled Opposition – David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Darryl Anka (Bashar), Benjamin Fulford, Cobra, Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Trump, Putin – Ufology – Alternative Media:

‘Nazis’ – Secret Space Programs – ‘Dark Fleet’ – Disinfo – Breakaway Civilizations – Hitler – Germany – Corey Goode – Penny Bradley – Elena Kapulnik – William Tompkins – Tony Rodrigues:

WARNING! This will only make sense to those of you who know of Corey Goode and the 6th density blue extraterrestrial being known as RA.

Please watch from 3:30min to 9:30min but only if you are already a follower of Corey Goode and Cosmic Disclosure on Otherwise I fear you will think I am a crazy person lol.

Please know, there was a time not long ago that I would have rolled my eyes at this woman too but now that I understand, I realize she likely knows more of the nature of truth than me.

what are the chances that the claims of a “fake whistleblower” would arouse so much of a response from people all over the world who claim to have had similar experiences and etc?

Love and Light

FADE to BLACK Ep. 658 with Corey Goode – “Unity in the Community” – May 16th 2017:

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Magi of the Sun, the Blue Avians, and the 2022 New Star Prophecy: From Resistance to Resplendence:

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