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ALIENÍGENAS ANCESTRALES – La historia de Richard Shaver

Descubre la misteriosa historia de Richard Shaver en ALIENÍGENAS ANCESTRALES. Youtube Link

WARNING – TheSkepticUn is BIG PHARMA Spreading Disinformation

TheSkepticUn = Startfor Agent on YouTube …
Please block, flag and ignore this disinformation

The YouTube user TheSkepticUn is a stratfor agent who is spreading disinformation on youtube relating to cannabis and cancer. The pharmaceutical companies DO NOT want people to know that cannabis cures cancer, so they hire people like TheSkepticUn to spread…

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Disinformation “National Grid” installation 2

Disinformation vs The Stella Maris Drone Orchestra, USURP and Raagnagrok. Disinformation “National Grid” – electromagnetic sound installation, live in The Foundry sub-basement, London, Oct 2005.

Real Proof that Ancient (alien) technologies were ahead of their times 2017 new

100 % Proof ….Amazing Pics which Prove that ANCIENT TECHNOLOGIES were ahead of their times (megalithic structures)…Please leave your comments share and Subscribe !!

Bullet Button AR15 disinformation.

AB1135 & AB1664 debate on assault weapons. Assemblyman Mike. A Gipson spreads disinformation about functionality of bullet button.


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